Need a Hand?

Relocation can be scary. Sometimes family is far away or otherwise unavailable to help.

That’s where Moves Made EZ comes in. Whether you are a senior, adult with a new family, or an adult child of a senior, you may be facing the task of moving into a smaller living space or to another part of town.

This task may seem overwhelming.  Imagine having all the details of the task arranged.  You show up at your new residence on moving day, to find that your valued possessions have been unpacked and set up.  Instead of stress, you have peace of heart and mind.

Senior Move Managers are professionals who specialize in assisting older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation.  Senior Move Managers share a commitment to working with seniors and their families, and a desire to do meaningful work.

Senior Move Managers understand that most seniors have collected a lifetime of memories.  Seniors often need to downsize considerably in order to fit into their new home.  Using empathy and compassion, Senior Move Managers strategically organize and implement this move.  In short, the Senior Move Manager serves as the “project managers”
during the transitional process.

Senior Move Managers have developed partnerships and relationships with professionals who specialize in senior needs.  They have the empathy and understanding to work with the family during the entire process.